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We are committed to researching and developing validated competency-based applications and are interested in partnering with organizations for the purpose of applied research. We welcome the opportunity to partner with clients on custom research projects involving competence or emotional intelligence. Examples include:

- Costs and value added by variables in employee life cycle (recruitment, assessment, selection, placement, development, performance management, retention, termination or exit) to identify changes which resulted in a high ROI.

- Identification of financial consultant competencies and counseling techniques to help ‘non-optimizing’ risk adverse and excessively risk taking clients to modify/optimize risk taking behavior to increase their investment returns

- Identification of characteristics of high performing (+30% productivity) cross-functional, multi-disciplinary matrix teams to improve goal, structure, process, and role definition variables to improve performance

- Cross-cultural study European, North American and Asian district managers to identify competencies which predicted superior performance (+75% higher revenues, +106% profit margins, and +134% profits); differences in competencies, managerial style, organizational climate and financial performance in different countries and regions.

- Use of natural language processing (computational linguistics) to automate coding of competency assessment interviews and performance appraisal forms

- Validation of a ‘balanced scorecard’ value chain model: HR manager competence and organizational climate => improved internal Operations=> higher Customer satisfaction => improved Financial results



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Competency International is a research and consulting group dedicated to the application of scientifically validated techniques to the management of human capital in organizations. Committed to advancing the science of motive and competency assessment, application and development, our consultants adhere to the highest standards of ethics and practice.

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