Our Approach to Consulting

Although there are currently many different approaches used in the competency field, our approach follows that as originally developed by Professor David McClelland (the founder of competency) and as detailed in "Competence at Work" by Lyle & Signe Spencer. Moreover, we have continued to develop and make upgrades to this approach to ensure its continued utility now and in the future.

Competency International is dedicated to building competency-based HR applications using empirical methods for developing competency models that meet professional and legal reliability and validity criteria as well as demonstrated economic value.

Competency International's Process for Developing Competency Models

  • Define Performance Criteria
  • Analyze Criterion Sample
  • Collect data
  • Develop Competency Model
  • Validate Competency Model
  • Application
  • Evaluation

Competency-Based HR Applications to Address

Partner with world-class experts to help you define your human resource issues in terms of economic value added and bottom line results. Through practical and validated techniques we help clients measure the impact HR programs have on the economics of the organization.

We provide the following consulting services to clients on a global basis.

Talent Management

Competency Modeling

Training and Certification

Executive Coaching

Keynote Addresses  







About Us

Competency International is a research and consulting group dedicated to the application of scientifically validated techniques to the management of human capital in organizations. Committed to advancing the science of motive and competency assessment, application and development, our consultants adhere to the highest standards of ethics and practice.

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