Our Approach to Working with Clients

Although there are currently many different approaches used in the competency field, our approach follows that as originally developed by Professor David McClelland (the founder of competency) and as detailed in Competence at Work: Models for Superior Performance by Lyle & Signe Spencer. Moreover, we have continued to develop and make upgrades to this approach to ensure its continued utility now and in the future.

Our People

Every member of the Competency International team has a deep and long-term association with the competency movement over many years. Our collective experience covers a wide range of industries, job levels and competency applications on an international basis.

Our Focus

We have focused our efforts on helping client organizations to effectively implement their chosen strategy. This is done by ensuring that the capability and competence of the organization's people is appropriate to the task demands of the strategy.

How We Conduct Assignments

Wherever possible, we recommend the use of an ROI based approach. However, this requires that performance in the job be measured for all job holders and that a business case be established before the program commences. The rationale being that this will allow client management to evaluate the expected ROI of the competency based program before approving the necessary expenditure much as they would with any other form of investment proposal.

However, we know from experience this approach is not always possible. As a result we have adopted a more flexible approach which allows clients to enter the competency continuum at various points, depending upon their situation or need.

This means that clients may retain us, for example, at the lower end of the scale/continuum to simply evaluate their own work in relation to developing a competency model or program so that they receive the benefit of some experienced, objective advice.

About Us

Competency International is a research and consulting group dedicated to the application of scientifically validated techniques to the management of human capital in organizations. Committed to advancing the science of motive and competency assessment, application and development, our consultants adhere to the highest standards of ethics and practice.

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