Leadership Development Training

In virtually every situation involving the attainment of an objective, fulfillment of a mission or a change in an organizations direction leadership will be required so as to ensure a successful outcome.

Effective leadership is needed at all organizational levels to determine priorities, set direction, allocate resources and to get peoples buy-in so that they are positively motivated to achieve the goal or accomplish the mission.

Our research, which is based on working with several thousand managers over many years in a variety of industries and geographic regions, has revealed a sequence of actions and associated leadership behaviors that underlie their successes. More over these actions and behaviors can be learned through a linked series of assessments, development workshops and projects and then applied on the job.

A feature of our approach is to set development activities within a Planning Process framework as Outlined in the figure below:

Starting with the organizations vision and mission and then breaking this down into strategic objectives usually expressed in a Balanced Scorecard format. Then the key tasks and associated competency behaviors are identified along with the relevant organizational climate factors needed for success.

Utilizing this comprehensive approach gives managers a practical tool which helps them to master the leadership actions and behaviors required to be an effective and successful leader.


  1. Based on our Planning Process Model which has proven to be an effective tool to assist Managers with Strategy Implementation
  2. Balanced Scorecard as developed by Kaplan and Norton
  3. Using our OCS following the original work by Litwin and Stringer

Leadership Development - Program Options

Competency International has developed and delivered a variety of custom designed leadership programs for its clients over many years.

While the custom designed program is the preferred model we recognize that there is also a need in some cases for a more generic approach.

With this in mind we can now offer a workshop program covering the key elements of leadership which we have found may be applied to most organizational situations.

Participants can be made up either of a group of people from the same function doing the same job or a mixture of people from different functions and jobs. The only common requirement is the need for leadership development.

A further available option is to run the workshop program as a top team leadership development exercise, the top team can be at the department, division or regional level etc.

Here the program focus is on both unified leadership at the top team level as well as leadership of participants own organizational units.





Leadership Development Case Study

Leadership Development - Client Example





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